Supercomputers and Neurocomputers Research Center is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise with 20 years history of activity in the field of highly performance technique. It is one of the biggest manufacturers of reconfigurable computer systems on the base of programmable logic arrays (FPGAs) in the Russian Federation. It was created in 1993 and developed from small-scale enterprise to the leading vendor of reconfigurable computer systems in Russia. Now the SRC of supercomputers and neurocomputers is dynamically developing vendor of the most complicated printed circuit boards both in Russia and in Europe. The printed circuit boards designed by scientists of the SRC of supercomputers and neurocomputers are used in supercomputer systems with computing blocks performance which corresponds to the first ten of the most high-performance computers of the world included in TOP-500 list.

Engineering and design solutions of purchased systems, protected by a number of patents, are based on original concept of systems architecture reconfiguring at realizing structural procedural method of parallel calculations organization. The most important operating characteristics of productions – power efficiency and specific performance of the system – exceed the same characteristics of cluster computer systems in 30-50 times and are equal to 9 billion operations per second per one watt and 300 billion fixed point operations in cubic decimeter, respectively.

Production of the SRC of supercomputers and neurocomputers corresponds to the highest quality specifications. The distinctive feature of designed highly performance solutions is an original software complex, which provides easy and simple using of the system.

During the last years the Scientific research centre manufactured series of reconfigurable computer complexes of various purpose and configurations: from small-size accelerators, consisted of not more than 4 FPGA chips, to high-performance complexes, consisted of tens of computer racks and thousands FPGA chips and tens of thousands of processing elements.

Computer systems of the SRC of supercomputers and neurocomputers have unique efficiency of solving applied tasks, cost and mass-dimension characteristics and provide significant advantage in such fields of science and industry as new drugs design, symbolic processing of data bulks, monitoring of global computer networks and communication systems, simulation of physical processes, etc.

Due to high real performance reconfigurable computer systems of the SRC of supercomputers and neurocomputers may be used in those national objects which do not allow usage of bulky cluster systems: in remote objects of industrious, transport and special infrastructure, in onboard systems for new effective solving of scientific and technical and practical problems.

Consumers of our products are enterprises and organizations which realize complex systems engineering and simulation, ventures of scientific and technical field and high tech.

The developments of Scientific Research Centre of supercomputers and neurocomputers were awarded on various international and Russian core exhibitions and shows.



May 30th – June 01st, 2018

The seminar “Status and prospect of reconfigurable computer systems development” was held in SRC of Supercomputers and Neurocomputers. Advanced hardware and software designs of our scientific-research centre were presented at the seminar.
During the seminar we had discussed problems of RCS hardware and software and presented designs of our scientific research centre.
There were presented several reports concerning problems of the hardware area:
- “Star reconfigurable computer systems” by Ilya I. Levin;
- “Liquid cooling system of advanced RCS based on Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGAs” by Alexander M. Fedorov;
- “Prospects of application of Xilinx UltraScale+ FGPAs for implementation of applications” by Yuri I. Doronchenko and Dmitry A. Sorokin.
There were presented several reports concerning problems of the software area:
- “New solutions in the RCS system software” by Ilya I. Levin;
- “Tools for monitoring of RCS parameters” by Zakhar V. Kalyaev;
- “Parallelizing C-compiler for RCS” by Alexey I. Dordopulo and Vyacheslav A. Gudkov.
Besides, new computational modules and blocks of reconfigurable computer complexes produced by SRC SC & NC were presented. The presented reports and products had attracted great interest, and provoked discussion of production problems.

October 27th, 2017

On 27 October, 2017, we gave a special tour of SRC SC & NC for students. This traditional event was a part of the Academic Mobility Week. We were pleased to note the following. In addition to the first-year master students from the Department of Intelligent and Multiprocessor Systems, the company was visited by the first-year bachelor students from the Academy for Engineering and Technology of SFedU and students from the Polytechnic Institute of DSTU in Taganrog. Our guests attended the head office and production facility with the great interest. Students were attracted by our latest developments, including the high-performance computational module with a liquid cooling. It should be noted that the aforementioned device has no counterparts in Europe. In addition, young visitors were impressed by the operation of the printed circuit board (PCB) mounting sector located in the production building of SRC SC & NC. Advanced manufacturing technologies, state-of-the-art equipment, and wide experience of the staff provide the high quality of assembling. Our specialists use the surface-mount technology (SMT) for the automatic mounting of different components (from 0201 to ball grid arrays (BGAs) with 1700 pins) on multilayer PCBs. We hope that our young visitors will become the employees of SRC SC & NC in the near future!

October 5th, 2017

On 5 October, 2017, Sergey A. Stepanenko, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, the chief research of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center – All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC–VNIIEF), delivered a lecture for the first-year master students from the Department of Intelligent and Multiprocessor Systems (the base department of SRC SC & NC). The topic of the lecture was “Scalable Extrapolation Platform of Exascale Supercomputer”. This event was very interesting for the listeners. They asked Sergey Alexandrovich some questions and got informative answers.


October 5th, 2017

On 5 October, 2017, SRC SC & NC was visited by the representatives of the “ELCUS Electronic Company” and the Russian Federal Nuclear Center – All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC–VNIIEF). The guests graduated from the Taganrog Institute of Radio Engineering. We acquainted them with modern developments, production facilities, and base department of SRC SC & NC. The products of our company aroused great interest and provoked discussion.


July 14th, 2017

The scientific team of SRC SC & NC has designed and produced an original motherboard based on Intel Skylake ® (Core I5-6300U) processor for a computational block with liquid cooling system. The computational block has no analogs among European products. The computational block has a complex multicomponent design. The motherboard is immersed into the case of the computational module filled with a cooling agent. The board consists of 18 layers. Such design proves complexity of its production. The minimum size of the motherboard is 490х109.7 mm.