Development environment of computational structures Fire!Constructor

The main purpose of development environment Fire!Constructor is mapping of information graph of parallel program on the RCS structure. As an input data the development environment takes structural component of the parallel program, which is created by translator of the high level language COLAMO, and elements of scalable IP-cores library, in which there is a complete circuit block for each arithmetic, logic or any other operation of COLAMO language. Taking into account peculiarities of blocks and connections between them which are shown in the structural component there is created information graph of applied task.

The development environment provides automatic mapping of information graphs of applied tasks on RCS hardware resource. As a result of mapping there are generated disjoint subgraphs of applied task information graph. Each subgraph will be structurally realized in specified FPGA chip of RCS. Besides this information channels are traced between FPGA chips and data flows are automatically synchronised.

VHDL files of subgraphs structure description and files of timing and topological limitations are generated on the base of disjoint subgraphs information.

These files may be used for generation of FPGA configuration files, which will be loaded into RCS, on which the applied task is realised.