Monitoring system

Firmware monitoring system is intended to control bottlenecks of hardware component of reconfigurable computer systems. All base modules and computation blocks of reconfigurable computer systems have monitoring system.

Basic functions of monitoring system are the following:

- workability analysis of cooling elements of computation blocks;

- analysis of temperature, voltage and current of computing FPGAs and power supply units of the base modules;

- analysis of power consumption of the base modules and computation blocks;

- actions of outage preventing because of the failures with various levels of protection: alert messages, software failure and hardware failure;

- programming threshold values of hardware bottlenecks;

- programming actions for hardware outage preventing;

- journaling and visualizing of controlled variables;

- warning using existing communication facilities (local networks, Internet, cellular networks).

Actions for hardware outage preventing are divided in three zones: zone of alert messages, zone of software failure and zone of hardware failure.