System and applied software

Complex of system and applied software (CSAS) consists of:

  • tools for applied programs development;
  • tools for applied programs configuration development;
  • tools for computational resource management in reconfigurable computer systems;
  • utilities and drivers which provide compatibility and interaction between complex components and interface with hardware component.

Main purpose of CSAS is to provide abilities that allow to develop programs without special knowledge of FPGA circuit engineering. Complicity of programs development is to be equal to usual software development for microprocessors and multiprocessor PC.

One of the most important tools for programs development is high level language COLAMO with implicit description of parallelism, that is used for programming reconfigurable systems on high level of system architecture abstraction.

Development tools of software complex allow user to get programs of applied tasks for reconfigurable computer systems in automate mode.

Complex of system software allows to develop programs for multiprocessor computer systems with reconfigurable architecture, to load system configuration and to reconfigure system architecture, to test system operability and performance. Complex of system software has program interface which provides control from applied programs.

CSAS allows to develop on-the-fly effective parallel programs for solving tasks of wide class using original methods of parallel calculations organization. CSAS supports resource independent programming which allows to execute applied program unchanged on arbitrary configuration of multiprocessor system.


Higher-level language COLAMO

Intergated development environment Argus IDE

Development environment of computational structures Fire!Constructor

Parallel programs debugger

Monitoring system