Intergated development environment Argus IDE

Integrated development environment Argus IDE is intended for interactive development, documenting, executing and debugging of parallel programs written on high level programming language COLAMO and assembler Argus within one and the same language area. Argus IDE provides effective development of scalable parallel programs for RCS and combines translators for COLAMO and Argus.

Abilities of the environment are up to the abilities of the existing environments and development complexes, such as Borland Developer Studio or Microsoft Visual Studio.

Integrated development environment Argus IDE provides the following:

– interactive development of parallel programs;

– object form of programs and their components;

– effective debugging of parallel programs, along with executable and source codes;

– highlighting key words of the language syntax;

– quick navigation through the errors in the program text;

– navigation through the program text using links;

– interactive access to the context menu.