Computation module is embedded element of stands of high performance computer complexes and intended for solving tasks of problem area on the set of similar modules.

Computation module consists of four boards of computation module (BCM), data display panel, control boards, cooling system, placed in 19" 1U form-factor.

On the front panel of computation module are placed LED indicators, which display information of current state of computation module, and connectors of Ethernet patch cords of each BCM.

On the back panel of computation module are placed 8-pin power connector, two LVDS connectors for data input and output, Ethernet connector for remote control of computation module.

Technical specifications

Computation module board - 4

FPGA XC5VLX110-1FFG1153 (computation FPGA of computation module board) - 64

Memory size, GByte - 16

Frequency of FPGAs of computation module board, MHz - 300-330

Clock rate of differential links between neighbouring FPGAs and between FPGAs and connectors of computation module boards, MHz – up to 1200

Performance, GFlops - 800

Ethernet interface, GBit/sec - 1

LVDS channels, pairs (Interface between computation module and personal computer via PCI-E) - 14

Power consumption, not more, kW - 1

Dimensions of CM, mm - 482,6*42,5*771,2