RCS-0.2-WS Alioth


RCS-0.2-WS – autonomous compact release of work station of reconfigurable computer system, one of representatives of RCS family.

Work station RCS-0.2-WS is intended for solving various applied tasks, such as:

- design of microelectronic products;

- design of information control systems for real time control of complex objects;

- simulation of complex technical and natural objects and processes;

- monitoring systems design;

- remote sensing and tomography, etc.

RCS-0.2-WS consists of four base modules.



Technical specifications


- base modules 16V5-75 - 4

- elementary processors (IEEE-754) - 1024

- clock rate, MHz - 330

- processing of 64-digit data IEEE-754

- performance over, GFlops - 300

- exchange between BM (LVDS), GHz - 1,2

- external interface LVDS, Gigabit Ethernet