Reconfigurable computer system RCS-5 is one of representatives of the family of high performance multiprocessor computer systems with dynamically reconfigurable architecture on the base of reconfigurable element base and is intended for:

- researches in the area of molecular modeling;

- design of fundamentally new medicines and materials of new generation;

- design of information simulation systems of long-term weather forecasting, simulation of seismic activity, tomographic research of near-surface Earth layers using acoustic and electromagnetic waves.



Technical specifications

- 5 computer cabinets RCS-1;

- 20 computation blocks RCS-0.2-CB;

- 80 base modules 16V5-75;

- 25600 elementary processors (IEEE-754);

- clock rate 330 MHz;

- processing of 64-digit data IEEE-754;

- performance over 6000 GFlops;

- data exchange between blocks 640 MHz;

- external interfaces LVDS, Gigabit Ethernet.

RCS-5 is set in Scientific research computer center of Moscow State University